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Beautiful New Zealand limes bursting at the seams with juice and flavour.

Our limes are the Bearss variety (also known as Tahitian or Persian), which are famed for their size and juiciness. 

Their unique flavour features in many cuisines throughout the world. And what would a margarita be without lime juice?

Like any self-respecting citrus fruit, limes are high in vitamin C. A 100g serving will give you an impressive 35 percent of your daily requirement. They also pack a decent amount of antioxidants, as well as small amounts of iron, calcium, vitamin, B6, potassium, and more.

 Although lime has a pleasant taste on its own, the juice is particularly adept at bringing out the flavour profile of other foods. Have you tried squeezing lime juice straight onto a slice of avo and eating it just so?  

This versatility means they can be the dominant flavour in a delicious dessert - like a cheesecake or pie - or used to create an intriguing marinade for chicken, pork, or fish.

Some of the most interesting and delicious foods in many cuisines feature lime as a key player, including Thai, Mexican, and Indian.

The possibilities are endless ...... this incredible citrus fruit is both delicious and a powerhouse of nutrition! 

Note: photos are of limes later in the season.  The skin on new seasons limes are mostly green.



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